4 Rewarding Careers For A People-Person

4 rewarding careers for a people-person

Do you consider yourself a people person? Are you a natural extrovert?

Are you in the market for work that gives you an excuse to meet new people, foster meaningful relationships, and learn about others?

You’re in luck – there are plenty of pathways available to you.

And many of them can be obtained by studying at AXIS Institute!

Your personality matters in choosing a career path.

You may not realise it immediately, but the way that you’re wired can greatly affect which career is the best bet for you, as well as which course at AXIS Institute you should think about taking.

Business and retail manager

Business and retail manager

While most of the role involves behind-the-scenes tasks, you’ll also engage in customer interactions and participate in internal meetings for your daily dose of social interaction.

Becoming a retail or business manager is ideal for those who thrive on interpersonal connections.

To effectively manage a team or business, strong people skills are essential. You’ll need to interact with customers and clients, while fostering a positive team environment and nurturing relationships with your staff.

However, success isn’t solely dependent on people skills; you’ll also require hard skills such as financial management, bookkeeping, inventory management, knowledge of workplace safety laws and more.

If you excel in people skills but need to sharpen your hard skills, our range of leadership and management courses come into the picture:

  • Graduate Diploma of Management
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Whether you’re gunning for a promotion or seeking to enter management circles, our business and management courses at AXIS Institute give you the extra boost you need.

Early childhood educator

early childhood education

Early childhood care and education is an ideal path for outgoing individuals who enjoy being around children and playing a pivotal role in their growth.

Your love of people regardless of their size is certain to make you feel the satisfaction after a day’s work. Plus, with the rising demand for childcare services, there’s no shortage of opportunities!

Starting a career in early childhood education offers immense rewards for extroverts. It’s not just about the sheer variety of your day-to-day work, or the fact that you’ll have an excuse to interact with heaps of little ones regularly.

Childcare entails much more than supervision. As a childcare worker, you directly influence young minds and bodies, laying the groundwork for their futures.

While being a people person is advantageous, proficiency in various areas is essential:

  • Facilitating learning through play
  • Providing first aid and medical care
  • Promoting and ensuring hygiene
  • Understanding childhood development theories
  • Safe food handling
  • Effective communication with children and parents

Before diving in, it’s crucial to grasp these fundamentals. Fortunately, our childcare courses take a holistic approach that cover these aspects and more.

Whether pursuing the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or completing the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, you’ll acquire the necessary skills to shape young lives.

Aged care worker

aged care worker

Now, let’s shift our focus to the other end of the age scale.

Providing care and companionship to the elderly is a natural fit for individuals who thrive on human connections.

In your day-to-day work, you will interact with a variety of individuals:

  • Residents
  • Their families
  • Colleagues
  • Visitors

Even in settings like in-home care, where your interactions may be more intimate, the depth of one-on-one connection can be profound.

It isn’t just about fulfilling your own social needs; your presence and interaction often play a vital role in maintaining the mental well-being of those under your care.

AXIS Institute offers a selection of aged care courses in Brisbane and Sydney:

  • Certificate III in Individual Support
  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support

While social skills are valuable, these courses provide comprehensive training to equip you with the necessary skills to excel in this rewarding field.

Hospitality staff and manager

hospitality manager

There’s perhaps no industry more social than hospitality!

In hospitality, there’s a constant need for staff, especially managers, who excel at engaging with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. It’s a field that thrives on the energy of extroverts like yourself.

Solid people skills are essential for fostering good customer relationships and delivering exceptional customer service. In this industry, these skills are paramount, making your natural inclination toward social interactions a valuable asset.

As a hospitality manager, you’ll not only interact with customers but also lead and manage diverse teams, a task that demands excellent people skills.

Our hospitality management courses focus on equipping you with the necessary management skills to thrive in this dynamic industry, particularly in venue management.

Study in Brisbane and Sydney with AXIS Institute

If you’re thinking of upskilling or enrolling in a course, then AXIS Institute is your go-to destination!

All our courses are accredited and fully approved by the Australian government, ensuring they equip you to advance in your career, no matter which path you choose.

With your people skills already in place, let us provide you with the technical and practical skills you need to make the leap! Discover a world of new job opportunities waiting to be explored.

Learn more about our courses in aged care, childcare, and hospitality management.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at 07 2102 3553 or [email protected]

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