3 Ways The Rising Cost of Childcare in Australia Affects Studying Childcare

3 ways the rising cost of childcare in Australia affects studying childcare

If you’re excited to kickstart a career as an Early Childhood Educator, you’re probably doing a lot of researching into things like:

  • Which childcare courses are best for you
  • Where should you study childcare courses
  • The current industry outlook

And while doing your reading, you’ve probably stumbled upon the fact that the cost of childcare in Australia is climbing.

Obviously, this makes things a little bit harder for parents – however, it also affects childcare worker as well, but in a good way! Read on to find out what we meant.

Why the increasing prices for childcare services?

More and more Aussie families are becoming dual-income households, with both parents contribute to the workforce, resulting in reduced time providing care for young children.

As a result, Australia’s childcare sector has expanded to support busy parents by looking after their children during working hours. Despite the growing demand of childcare services, however, there aren’t enough new centres to meet the demand, which is leading to an increase in childcare costs across the country.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can start focusing about its impact on students studying childcare.

How the rising cost of childcare in Australia affects students enrolled in childcare courses

1. Increase in demand for childcare workers

As the need for childcare in Australia keeps growing, more and more new centres are opening and the existing ones are expanding to capitalise on this demand. This helps balance out the supply and demand in the market.

Did you know that by 2024, the Australian childcare sector is expected to hit $17.4 billion? But here’s the catch: there’s a shortage of skilled workers. The Department of Jobs and Skills Australia found over 8,000 vacancies in the sector in late 2023, forcing many centres to limit enrolments because of insufficient staff.

So, what’s in it for you, the aspiring childcare worker?

Simple: more career opportunities!

Each of these new centres needs staff to make it run, and that’s where you come in. If you’ve completed a childcare course at AXIS Institute, you’ve got have plenty of options to kickstart your career or try something new – anywhere across Australia.

2. More diversified childcare services

The rise in the cost of childcare could also mean diversification of childcare services – after all, specialised services often charge higher prices to compensate.

As childcare costs rise overall, these specialised services may finally have the environment that they need to thrive.

What sorts of specialised childcare opportunities are we talking about?

  • Formal academic classes
  • Language classes
  • Recreational life skills
  • Montessori early education

With the rising prices, childcare providers may have the resources to offer specialised classes to cater to children’s specific needs. This, in turn, creates a demand for specially trained childcare workers, opening up more opportunities for you.

3. While the cost of childcare might be going up, the cost of completing a childcare course isn’t

Parents and childcare workers aren’t the only ones who’ve taken the notice of the rising cost of childcare. If you keep up with the news, you’d know that the Australian government has introduced schemes to make childcare more accessible.

But here’s something you might not be aware of: these aren’t the only initiatives in place.

In addition to providing relief for parents, the Queensland government has rolled out the Subsidised Training and Incentives program for a variety of courses and certificates. This initiative aims to equip Queenslanders with the necessary skills for meaningful and sustainable employment through their chosen provider.

Government funding targets reducing skills shortages, prioritising training for in-demand jobs and industries, and increasing the number of Queenslanders with formal post-school qualifications.

If you’re eligible, you could have a significant portion of your childcare course expenses covered – some might even qualify for complete subsidisation! So, if you’re worried about the costs associated with studying childcare, don’t – and it’s all thanks to the current high demand and prices in the childcare sector.

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