Salaries In The Hospitality Industry: Know Your Worth In Australia

Whether you’re just starting out in the hospitality industry or aiming for the top of your career ladder, knowing your worth is crucial. You want to ensure you’re fairly compensated for your hard work and dedication.

Australia maintains a transparent legal framework regarding minimum wages, making it straightforward to comprehend. According to Fair Wok Commission (2024), effective from 1st July, the National Minimum Wage will rise to $24.10, and the Award Minimum Wages increasing by 3.75%.

With abundant salary data available across the industry, you can make informed decisions, select a career path that maximises your earnings potential, and secure the compensation you deserve.

Understanding entry-level hospitality wages

Salaries in the hospitality industry: Know your worth in Australia

In the hospitality industry, most entry-level positions are categorised as casual, part-time or full-time, each with varying pay rates, penalty rates, and benefits.

Casual roles typically start at either the national minimum wage of $24.10 per hour or an industry-specific award wage. Casual employees also receive a mandatory 25% casual loading on top of their base rate, equating to an additional $5.08 per hour.

Common entry-level positions in Australian hospitality include:

  • Bar staff
  • Cafe all-rounder
  • Barista
  • Restaurant wait staff
  • Front desk or reception
  • Bellhop
  • Hotel cleaning staff
  • Sandwich-hand
  • Kitchen-hand

If you’ve been offered a job under an award wage, refer to resources like the hospitality, cleaning services, and retail awards guide to determine the appropriate modern award for your position.

Be cautious if your employer presents a contract that deviates from the national minimum wage or industry award. Such discrepancies may indicate an attempt to undercut fair compensation.

Some employers may propose a registered agreement or enterprise agreement to establish unique employment conditions. However, these agreements must be approved by the Fair Work Commission and are specific to individual businesses.

Mid-career and middle management level jobs

Salaries in the hospitality industry: Know your worth in Australia

If you’ve gained a few years of experience in hospitality or recently completed training or qualifications like a Diploma of Hospitality Management, you’re likely transitioning beyond entry-level roles. While you continue to learn and grow on the job, it may take some time before you reach the level of a Sous Chef.

Wondering what the earnings in this category? Here are some aggregated insights from Talent that provide a snapshot of salaries in the food, hospitality, catering and tourism industry:

  • The average hospitality salary across Australia is $95,000 per year or $48.72 per hour.
  • Entry-level positions start at $77,846 per year, with highly experienced professionals earning up to $144,500 annually.

The upper-crust: highly skilled and in-demand positions

Salaries in the hospitality industry: Know your worth in Australia

Curious about the top-paying jobs in hospitality? Look no further. According to Indeed, here are some of the highest-paying roles:

  • Executive chef: $104,855 per year
  • Hotel Manager: $87,852 per year
  • Sous Chef: $72,317 per year

Additionally, here are other key roles in hospitality and their average annual salaries:

  • Restaurant Manager: $66,530 per year
  • Bartender: $57,863 per year
  • Sommelier: $75,117 per year
  • Concierge: $66,237 per year
  • Food and Beverage Manager: $69,592 per year

These figures underscore that the hospitality industry rewards highly skilled professionals with competitive wages. Investing in the right education is crucial for climbing the ladder to the high end of the salary scale.

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