4 Things No One Told You About Working in Aged Care

So, you’re gearing up to start your career in aged care – how exciting!

You’re eager, and thanks to your aged care course, you have a good idea of what lies ahead in your career. Well, mostly.

Like any job, there are things you only learn once you’re in the thick of it. Whether it’s tricks of the trade or things that people never told you about your daily work, the learning never really stops.

Aged care is no different.

Of course, it’ll be a big help if you know what these lesser-known things are before diving in headfirst!

And that’s where we come in.

Our aged care trainers have years of real-world industry experience. They’re ready to spill the beans on what nobody else told you about working in aged care.

It’s surprisingly physical work

Aged care isn’t just about scheduling events or organising meals – it’s surprisingly physical work!

It makes sense when you consider that many older Australians may suffer from mobility issues that limiting their ability to move freely, the physical demands of the job become apparent.

In addition to your regular duties as an aged care worker, you play a pivotal role in ensuring seniors maintain their sense of independence. This often involves assisting with physical activities, push wheelchairs, and utilising tools like patient hoists to facilitate residents’ mobility.

It’s a surprisingly physical aspect of the job that catches many students off guard.

That’s precisely why our aged care courses incorporate practical sessions, specifically designed to prepare you for the more enduring parts of the role. By undergoing these hands-on experiences, you’ll not only be better equipped to handle the demands of the job but also gain a clear understanding of what lies ahead before you even step into the workplace.

Aged care is a super secure industry

Hopefully, this isn’t new to you, but if it is, here’s the scoop!

Australia’s ageing population is on the rise, translating to a growing need for aged care services such as in-home care and residential facilities.

This demographic shift inevitably leads to a surge in demand for professionals like yourself in the aged care sector.

If you’re seeking a career path with long-term prospects, look no further – the aged care industry offers ample opportunities for growth and stability.

Aged care facilities aren’t your only option

Although aged care facilities are the typical landing spot for individuals completing an aged care course, they’re not the sole option.

Beyond aged care facilities, obtaining an aged care qualification can open doors to various settings such as residential care or a respite care facility.

Moreover, you might discover opportunities to specialise in areas like dementia care or a palliative care facilities. The possibilities are diverse, allowing you to explore a range of career paths across different sectors.

Relationships are important

While we emphasis this aspect in our aged care courses, it’s something that some students don’t quite seem to take onboard – or rather, doesn’t have as much meaning until they experience it for themselves.

As an aged care worker, your role is more than just physical assistance – in many cases, you also play a vital part in supporting residents maintain their mental wellbeing.

Simply being present and offering both emotional and physical support can make a world of difference to those under your care.

Social connections and relationships are what matter most – and even more so when you age. These are the things that enrich your life and make life worth living, knowing that there are a lot of people who care about you.

And as an aged care worker, you’re a critical part of fostering these connections.

Over time, you’ll subconsciously form bonds with the residents you assist, contributing significantly to their overall quality of life.

It’s a seemingly small gesture, but it can go a long way towards enhancing people’s quality of life.

Interested in enrolling in an aged care course?

Are you considering upskilling or pursuing an aged care course for the first time? Jumpstart your journey in aged care with AXIS Institute today!

Here’s a glimpse of the age care courses we offer:

CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support (CRICOS Course Code: 114863E)

Break into the aged care industry with the Certificate III in Individual Support!

This course focuses on providing you a strong foundation for your future career. While understanding lesser-known aged care facts is beneficial, practical skills are essential for success.

Through a blend of practical and theoretical training, complemented by a 120-hour practical placement that covers the entire breadth of the roles you’ll carry out in aged care, this Certificate is exactly what you need to get started.

Engage in empowering activities for the older individuals through workshops, tutorials, and hands-on training across various settings.

Learn more about the course.

CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CRICOS Course Code: 114864D)

Designed for students aspiring to advance their careers in aged care, our Certificate IV in Ageing Support combines practical training with preparation for higher-level responsibilities:

  • Supporting the elderly with dementia
  • Empowering people with disability
  • Practicing safety work practices
  • Providing care through a palliative approach

Augmented with training in areas like scheduling, management and more, and this Certificate serves as a stepping stone towards different roles within the aged care sector.

Learn more about the course.

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