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At Axis Institute, we focus our education and training to revolve around you.

Axis Institute is a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) based in Brisbane City, Queensland Australia. We specialise in delivering nationally recognised qualifications in management and hospitality. With highly qualified trainers and the latest facilitates, we aim to deliver excellent learning experience for students to achieve their own goals.

Study Life

Experience cultural diversity, laidback culture, natural beauty, and the lifestyle of being an Australian student.


Nationally recognised training qualifications are courses that are accredited under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

Campus Location

Easily accessible campuses located in the heart of the Brisbane and Parramatta CBDs.

Industry Professionals

Our trainers are industry-experts who are well-connected to their fields. We are passionate about creating an inspiring learning environment that motivates you to excel and succeed in your chosen course.

News & Updates

Announcing our new NSW Campus 🤩

We are bringing the high quality education the Axis Institute is known for to Parramatta, Sydney, NSW!
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sous chef

What Is A Sous Chef?

If you’re considering a career in Hospitality but lack extensive kitchen experience, you might be curious: What exactly does a sous chef do? Simply put, they oversee everything that happens in the kitchen. Let us elaborate, have you ever wondered how famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver manage their restaurants while also owning...
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Individual Support Worker Salary Rates: What Can You Earn?

Lending your compassion to healthcare support services is incredibly rewarding and admirable. Becoming a support worker and enhancing the daily life of your client will undoubtedly, required unfaltering hard work and dedication. To recognise your dedication to the community, it’s essential for you to earn a fair salary and receive appropriate financial benefits. At AXIS...
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Why Is Holistic Development Important In Childcare

Teaching and learning approaches are always evolving and it can be so easy to get caught up with all those new ideas and techniques and we forget about the basics. Child development basics are crucial. That’s why teachers and early childhood educators are being encouraged to focus on a ‘holistic approach’ to learning. In fact,...
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Kitchen Management Course Is The Best Career Option For International Students In Australia

Why Kitchen Management Course Is The Best Career Option For International Students In Australia

Managing a commercial kitchen involves the art, science, and craft of preparing delicious food for others. In Australia, renowned for its sophisticated restaurants and thriving culinary scene, studying Kitchen Management is a popular choice among international students. Here’s why studying Kitchen Management in Australia is beneficial: Reasons that make Kitchen Management beneficial Australia’s travel and tourism...
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Enhance Your Cooking Skills with SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management

Australia is home to the most beloved cooking series, MasterChef, making it a top choice for students worldwide interested in studying hospitality courses. Kitchen management courses in Australia enable students to transform their love for cooking into a career by offering necessary skills and training in the hospitality industry. This article explores one of the...
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How to excel as a sous chef

How To Excel As A Sous Chef: What You Need To Know

In the kitchen hierarchy, the sous chef holds the crucial role of second in command after the executive chef. Being a good sous chef is essential for ensuring smooth operations in the kitchen brigade. When the chef is away, the sous chef often takes charge of the kitchen, making it a position of significant authority...
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Salaries In The Hospitality Industry: Know Your Worth In Australia

Whether you’re just starting out in the hospitality industry or aiming for the top of your career ladder, knowing your worth is crucial. You want to ensure you’re fairly compensated for your hard work and dedication. Australia maintains a transparent legal framework regarding minimum wages, making it straightforward to comprehend. According to Fair Wok Commission...
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Leadership vs. Management: What’s The Real Difference In These Skills

Leadership vs. Management: What’s The Real Difference In These Skills

These days, the education system often emphasises business management courses that lump management and leadership together. However, in reality, they serve distinct purposes. This blog aims to clarify the differences between leadership and management, highlighting their unique roles within the industry. Understanding leadership Leadership involves fostering significant, non-incremental change by envisioning a specific future and...
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Is Childcare Right For You? 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Studying Childcare

Is Childcare Right For You? 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Studying Childcare

Childcare industry is booming in Australia, according to IBISWorld, which reports that childcare services are projected to reach approximately $17.4 billion by 2024, marking significant growth over the past five years. With more households relying on dual incomes, this trend is expected to continue flourishing in the foreseeable future. If you’re considering a career in...
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